Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm officially volunteering for children!

I've recently signed up to volunteer for a church that helps unprivileged children I had to fill out a waiver to prove I'm not a weirdo. I should be getting a call anytime soon to setup a time that I can come in on a weekly basis and do some computer tech stuff for the children. The Church offers a computer lab complete with a t1 connection, Microsoft Office and a crew of adults willing to help them research/do their homework.

I'm pretty excited to do this; not only will I be able to teach children and really show my passion for computers, I will be the designated 'web Nazi'. From what I know so far I'm going to administer the network, this includes building, installing and keeping the domain machines up but also keep the network secure. I have to filter the websites with poor content to keep the children safe, not only do I know copious amounts of websites that should be blocked but I'm great at researching it.

I have so many project idea's I can do to benefit the organization as a whole with little to no budget at all. I've been building a few machines I've had lying around for a bit, I plan on making them all dedicated servers i.e print, fax, firewall, router and A good ol' squid web-proxy! My God I'm so excited, it feels good to help people out; everyone should try it!

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