Monday, April 2, 2007

About me:

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that takes the time to read my little blog. There are a lot of people that blog in this world; it's been a very addicting/popular trend for almost a decade. It's quite strange that you may have stumbled here by fluke! Let me introduce myself;

My name is Nate I've been an avid PC user for 12 years now, I first started with PC's when I was 10 year's old programming Q-Basic on a Pentium 133mHZ machine. Since then I've had a passion for technology as a whole.

Sometimes it sucks being the 'resident computer guy' generally the only time I'm contacted is to fix things; it's not so bad considering there is ALWAYS money to be made. I'm 22 years old, single after a 4-year relationship that didn't turn out so well so now I'm just riding the wind per se.

I'm an avid Open Source promoter I was introduced to Linux (Slackware) in the year 2000 by a good internet friend of mine (thanks lekse!) ever since I've concentrated on various linux distro's and projects. I've gained a lot of knowledge about software/hardware in the past 7 years to know I want my career to be focused upon *NIX.

What does misconfiguration mean? When I was first starting to use Linux; I was always running into a lot of issues that my friend lekse had to drag my butt out of, it was ALWAYS some stupid syntax error of some sort within the configuration files that would cause the kernel to panic, the application to not want to function.

That's about all I have for now; I'm at work and it's getting busy so check back for more random shit I have to offer!

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