Monday, April 16, 2007

Cedega mini-review.

So Cedega with engine 6.0 is officially installed now; it was a pretty straightforward but I did run into some issues that delayed my playing of games. Once I installed Cedega, I proceeded with the install I'll post some screenshots as I go on.

After Cedega was installed, I ran the diagnostic tests to see if my system was beefy enough to run Cedega; I would have been pretty surprised if it couldn't. Cedega was pretty straight-forward
with the install;

I don't think they could make it any simpler than what it already is. They have a HUGE games repository, once you enter your games disk; it'll automagically detect the game and give you installation notes, after the game is installed it'll give you tips about playing/configuring the game to run at max performance.

At this point Cedega is waiting for me to get started. Since it's basically the only game I play anymore I was pretty excited to get started with World of Warcraft. I put the disk in and wait for Ubuntu to auto-mount the volume, I hear the DVD-ROM spin up and I see Cedega begin to setup a folder for WoW also automatically detected the installation .exe for me.

At this point I'm nearly ready to run around the house screaming, SOMEONE PINCH ME; is the WoW installer actually up on my Linux box? I proceed with the install (a very long one if I may add) of WoW; I finally get everything installed, I proceed with the patches, the patches will install just as you were on a Windows box; you log into the game the patch will automatically start to download; it's a very simple process for the end-user.

WoW is INSTALLED, patches are upgraded I would normally be ready to play, since I have Burning Crusades; I wanted to get that working before I ran into the game servers. Thankfully the installation and patching of BC was just as simple as installing the normal game so I'm ready to play WoW right? I proceed to login and I select my character.

Once I selected my character the game would begin to load albeit I kept getting stuck at the loading page and it wouldn't go anywhere no matter how long I waited. I started to search through the Cedega forums with no luck. After hours of editing settings I decided to revert back to engine 5.2.x WoW worked! It was working with the older engine but my frame rates were pretty low and the game crashed when I tried to update my video resolution. I jumped into the IRC channel on server freenode #Cedega. I was talking with the users asking for suggestions and just shooting the breeze for a bit, there is a person that helped me out by the handle of CyD.

He asked for the specs of my machine; I dumped them into the IRC chat almost instantly he noticed I didn't have the most recent driver version for my Nvidia card, BRILLIANT CyD; I didn't think of it since I installed my drivers VIA Ubuntu repository, come to find out the current driver (9775). I downloaded the proper driver version and updated it accordingly, after this I set WoW back to the 6.0 engine and logged in again. What do you know; that fixed it I'm now playing WoW with high frame rates and res at 1680x1050, sound works flawlessly as well!

The only thing I've noticed about the game is; I get some artifacts when flying from Stormwind to Darkshire, the landing point has lines almost as if it's displaying the flight patch on small black lines. I'll screenshot it later if anyone is interested.
I have all of my games working so far, Battlefield 2, BF2 Special Forceds, Oblivion, WoW, Guild wars, Guild Wars Factions, Starcraft and Starcraft Broodwar. I see no reason why anyone would have an excuse to stay with a windows machine; come on people, make the switch you will NOT look back.