Monday, April 30, 2007

Beryl - More than just eye candy!

I officially installed Beryl on my Ubuntu machine, I must say I'm pretty surprised by the sheer beauty of this window manager! It's much smoother than Vista's 'Aero' window manager, while moving things around, flipping 'cube' around rapidly and the wobbly screens I notice no lag at all. While on Vista I felt a lot of jerkiness and overall poor performance. Pretty sad IMHO
My machine is as follows (posted in another forum);

AMD FX-55 OC'd 2.9ghz

Zalman 110mm Heatsink
2gb Corsair XMS TWINX DDR 400
74gb Seagate Barracuda
15kRPM U320 SCSI
eVA 7900 GTO -OC'd clock and RAM 700/800

20.1" Samsung widescreen LCD 205BW
Razer Copperhead 2k DPI
gaming mouse
Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard
ThermalTake TSUNAMI DreamTower

ThermalTake 480w Purepower Silent PSU
Xfi 7.1 sound

Klipsh 5.1 pro-media speakers

18582 3dmarks with 3dma
Still need to OC my RAM, I will post the new 05 '06 scores.

CPU Idles at 35*C max load so far has reached 44*C
GPU idles at 38*C max 50*C

My machine is pretty beefy; but this isn't the reason the performance is so well, I had vista on this machine for a short time to give it a run. I had tremendous issues with drivers and overall system performance, shame on you Microsoft, XP is better than Vista ATM!

I upgraded to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, after the first initial reboot GDM wouldn't start I checked dmesg and noticed that Feisty Fawn is shipped with older nvidia drivers, so I pointed to my previously installed (newer) drivers and BAM GDM is up again! Now for the install/configuration of Beryl.

Install Beryl in Ubuntu Feisty

sudo apt-get install beryl emerald-themes

Pressed ALT+F2 and typed beryl-manager

Now it's up and running wo0t, added to the start menu and I'm good to go. One thing, You can't game while running the Beryl window manager, there is an option to switch back to your default window manager (I do this while gaming) then I switch back, it's pretty seamless and very rapid while changing.

Here are some screenshots of Beryl in action!

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