Friday, April 13, 2007

The full-blown switch to Linux.

As most of you already know; I'm an avid gamer, unfortunately to be up-to-par with modern hardware/games you've got to own a windows box. I have decided to break the proprietary chains of Microsoft, I've always been a *NIX kind of guy; albeit gaming has made that difficult, thanks to winex and Cedega!

I went home yesterday and removed my u320 SCSI drive from my machine and proceeded to slap in a 250GB sATA drive that I haven't used since I bought it a year ago. After installing my new HDD I proceeded with my fresh install of, you guessed it.. UBUNTU!

I've always been an avid Slackware/BSD and Gentoo user, I have heard a lot about Ubuntu's quick installation and ease of use so I say why not; let's forget the other distro's for now and give it a try.

The installation was by far simple as it can get, boot into a live CD > click on an icon that say's install, I know the server version has an instant LAMP server icon as well. After the install I finally booted into my brand new Ubuntu box.

I ran into a lot of issues, the device manager had found ALL of my drivers, as I was pretty astonished, but I was having a hell of a time getting the Nvidia drivers install for my 7900 GTO, I couldn't exit the X server no matter which init I tried or even crashing the X server would bring it right back up again.

I decided to install from the repositories and use apt to update my xorg.conf file as well, I got my ALSA working fine, with surround sound support, drivers install with my widescreen res going. I have not installed Cedega, I didn't get started on my Ubuntu install until a little later last night.

I have subscribed with Transgaming and downloaded the debian package of the Cedega_small_6.0. I'm off to install it tonight I got Teamspeak working as well, albeit my USB headset it's setup correctly yet, so I've got to figure that one out, I think I know exactly what I need to do to correct it.

I will post screenshots after the Cedega install/games install to let everyone know just how well this is working. Wish me luck!

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